Sunday, September 25, 2016

"That Big Chevron" and Bloggers' Quilt Festival

Early this month I finished the king size quilt that I had started for our youngest son and his wife. You can read about it here and here. They recently bought a house and, because they have the space, they replaced their bedroom suite. That meant the queen quilt that I gave them right after their wedding is not big enough.

Enter the biggest quilt I've made to date. I had just designed a new pattern which can be used to create a chevron design. Happily it's in vogue now and the kids must like it since they often wear clothing with a chevron pattern. I took my cues from that and pictures the couple sent of the colors they wanted to have in their bedroom. (Pictures of the paint chips are in the collage above.)

Rory sent pictures of the quilt after they had washed it. Thank goodness I recommended that they toss in some Color Catcher sheets. He told me later that they worked really well and apparently there was lots of bleeding from the burnt plum color.

It turns out that the original wall paint--a neutral light khaki--is perfect for the colors in the quilt, and they've decided not to repaint, at least for a while. 

I had promised myself that I would include one quilt in the Bloggers Quilt Festival this year. I almost missed it, but when I read about it on a couple of blogs last night, I decided that it's really time to keep some of my promises to myself. 

Since this is my absolutely largest quilt ever, it deserves a little recognition. There ya go! Problem solved, promises kept, person relieved. 

Soon I'll start the quilt I will make for the oldest son and his sweet wife. I've been delaying that in the hopes that some inspiration will strike and I'll be off and done in no time at all. It's another king, so expectations may be rather high.

Go by the Bloggers' Quilt Festival to see some amazing quilts. You can also vote for your favorite in each category. Have fun!

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