Monday, September 26, 2016

"Modern Crosses" Revisited

Over the summer Richard and I visited the Great Lakes region, traveling in our camper from one state or national park to the next. We planned to be gone three or four weeks, and I knew that would be much too long to go without sewing. 

So I decided to put together some quilt kits to sew when I'd have a bit of down time. We do have to rest, after all. One of the kits that I enjoyed was this modern bright cross quilt. 

By the time we returned home, the top was completed. That meant loading the quilt on the long-arm and having fun as soon as we returned. 

I quilted the negative space in lines, some echoing the shapes between the crosses, others just straight or diagonal. The crosses, though, got a special treatment: I quilted each color with a different motif. Pink has shells, green has pebbles, orange in scrolls, yellow in tiles, and so on. To keep track I had to write the motifs and colors down, but that was an easy fix. 

This one is perhaps one of my favorite quilts. I love the bright colors, the fun design and the quilting. Just for added interest, I extended the quilting colors on some of the crosses. The back is also very pretty since the thread colors create a muted design. 

Because I love this one so much, I decided to put it in the Bloggers Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side. You should run over to see the many (really very many) beautiful quilts and vote for your favorites. 
Happy Quilting!


Tiffany said...

This is awesome! I love the little crosses hidden inside the bigger crosses.

Karen S said...

It is a great finish and I do enjoy seeing all the quilting detail.