Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pin It Weekly #171

Jacqueline Freeman is a Pinterest follower who has 20 boards with a great variety of pins. Here are a few of my favorites.
Jars of buttons.  If you don't have enough buttons to fill a large jar, make a…

In the Bank... Stacks of pretty quilting fabrics are sorted and identified by color using shelf labels. Eighteen spice drawers house notions and supplies. Designed to hold labels, the drawer pulls ensure that everything is easily found and returned to the proper place.

,  BARN QUILT INSTRUCTIONS  by John Elberfeld, co-founder of Helderberg Quilt…:

Mailbox Barn Quilt by McGee Town Barn Quilts:
Like barn quilts? Check out this one on a mailbox post!

“Underground Railroad”, hidden messages  are believed to have been conveyed by…:
One of her boards is strictly about Underground Railroad quilts.

fabric scrap birdsJeanette Shouse, another follower, has only 12 boards but almost 2,000 pins--mostly all of them are quilting related. How adorable is this first one on her applique/embroidery board?

another disappearing 9-patch  variation- argyle:

like the 2 color combo variations, could use any color

Video tutorial: Disappearing shoofly block - variation 1:

Quilt Block

And what have I been pinning? Well, "Milk, glass" for one. In fact, I started a new board and already have over 100 pins already.

McKee Hickman-Milk Glass at Replacements, LtdWestmoreland Milk Glass Love Birds Covered Candy Dish    Just got this for my…

Fenton White Hobnail Milk Glass Spoon Holder/Rest by catiques, $55.00:

Milk glass totem ---- thought you'd like this idea!  (original pinner said this…: milk glass compotes - I have a couple like these:

I've also been pinning to another board, "book, shelves" which has about 150 pins of very odd and unusual bookshelves. Enjoy these three or four.

24 Bookshelves Design That Will Impress You - the ying and yang - love it
coffee cup book shelf - this would be awesome for the corner of a kitchen for…:

Interesting bookshelves - looks like a very large frame leaning against wall…:

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