Friday, September 2, 2016

More studio cleaning

You know how yesterday I wrote about my messy worktable? Well, I returned to the clean-up today and advanced a little bit.

The small project on the left is an organizer for Dusti's car. I cut it out from the leftover fabric that we used when we updated her sun visors so it will match. I intend to put a strap on it so that she can hang it on the back of the seat.  I'll use Velcro as a fastener so she will have some choices in where and how she uses it.

In another spot I had two tops that needed altering for a friend. They were advanced to the front of the line and are now complete. In fact, I put them in the car to return on Tuesday. I just needed to shorten the bottoms and sleeves.  Done and done.

Wow! I should have gotten to this cleaning business sooner! Somehow it all ran smoothly and quickly. So I folded some fat quarters and put those away. Tomorrow I plan to tackle the big pieces of fabric that I'd pulled for the last few quilt projects. That will take more time, but then I'll be able to see across to the other side of the table. I haven't able to do that in a while!

Finally I'll figure out what to do with those items that don't really have a home. That's always a difficult decision for me. My studio is full, so finding a space for new stuff is not easy. Plus, I tend to forget where I've put things, so I need to reason through the process.  

And then I'll be ready to get that big quilt finished! Wasn't that the goal at the beginning?

I'm linking up some of my recent finishes with Crazy Mom Quilts. Now that Amanda Jean is back from her 
mini-vacay, there will be lots of blogs to catch up with.


Karen S said...

Good to see more progress!

Kaja said...

I could do with taking a leaf out of your book. Look how productive you are when you are tidying!