Monday, September 5, 2016

That Big Chevron ~~ Finished!

Yes indeed! It's done! It's big, but it's finished! 

I was beginning to think that I wouldn't get to the end. And even when it was off the long-arm, there was all of that binding to cut and sew. Four-hundred inches of binding. Guess how I applied it. Can a girl say, "sew on"? There were two reasons for sewing it on. First, the amount of binding. Second, it needs to be durable. 

But it's all on and finished! Even the labels are one. I put my small label in the binding on the front, but I still added a big label with the name of the quilt, date, size, etc. on the back. It's important to me that there be some form of identification on the quilt for later. Hopefully this one will last a very long time, and I hope that my great-grands may one day use it. A girl can have a little hope, right?

One of the things that I really like about this quilt is its versatility. I call it a chevron, but turned on its side, it becomes "Streak of Lightening." It's almost perfectly square 101" X 102", so it will be easy to change it up now and then.

I skipped the slim lines when quilting, but each of the burnt plum and khaki stripes has a different quilting motif, and I changed thread colors many times. I'm hoping that adds to the interest since the grands love to touch and pet. I wonder where they got that from...

The back is pieced from lots of deep reds, almost brown, khakis, lighter reds. They are shades of the main colors from the front.

And that's it. Not difficult at all, but big. Really big. But, apparently, also doable--if you just keep at it even when it seems you'll never finish!

Quilt Stats

That Big Chevron

101” X 102”

Kona Khaki, Raisin, red, olive, orange, yellow

Kona Khaki

In One Day (my design)

Custom Free Motion Quilting

Sept 2016

So what do you think? I'm curious. After weeks of working on it, I'm dying for some feedback.

I am pretty proud of this one! So much so that I'm 
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Karen S said...

Well done on this huge finish. You must be very pleased to have it done.

Sylvia said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the colors. And the amazing quilting! Cheers, Sylvia from Treadlestitches

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Thanks Karen and Sylvia! I did enjoy it and must admit that I like the end result. Here's hoping that the kids like it as much!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary this one is fantastic! I love those chevrons with the stripes in them. Good choice of colors, too.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Thanks, Darla, but I don't get credit for the colors. Our son and dil chose these to coordinate with the room. Thanks for the sweet compliment.

Kaja said...

Congratulations on a great (and huge)finish. I like how versatile it is too - and how you have pieced the back with scraps the same plummy shades. A family heirloom in the making.

Ariane said...

What a great finish!! Congrats!!