Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Hauntings

This entire week seems to have been the week of last minutes. You know, the kind of requests that are from crazy other people and are needed Right. Now. Please!  

It started with Jenny's needing a hand-decorated tee shirt for Marley. It ended with Grandmay being said hand-decorator. Tuesday they started looking at Pinterest ideas. They needed it today for a school contest. 

Marley wanted something in this vein, so Wednesday Jen picked up some Halloween fabric in a deep purple with spiders. 

Making the m was relatively stressful easy using my ruler to make sure I got the wide letter they wanted. I simply ironed on a bit of fusible web, cut out the letter and pressed it onto the shirt so that I could easily stitch it down. It was finished with a day to spare. The end result is pretty good, except that Marley demanded wanted a girly bow. Marley got a &*O% red bow and everyone is happy.

Sorry that you really can't see the shirt because of the bunting. That was last night's project--in preparation for the hayride planned for Monday night's trick or treating. Note: again, Grandmay is ahead of the game.

Jen bought a panel of Halloween bunting pieces. At first I had plans to sew a backing to the individual bunting pieces, but I decided to just cut them apart and sew them to double fold bias tape. 

I happened to have a four yard pack of orange. Not enough. So I added some green. It doesn't work so well, but this is a one-time use project, and they were thrilled with the outcome. They are easy to please, aren't they?

It's one very long banner of about 5 yards, so decorating a trailer may be challenging, but we already have an idea or two that may work. 

Tonight Dusti and her boyfriend showed up for a few minutes with a quick request: Grandmay, I need a tee shirt that looks like "Thing 1" for work tomorrow. What!?! Are you serious? So much for staying ahead.

Luckily, she meant she had the tee shirt and an iron on and needed an iron. And an ironer. But being the ironer was not a big deal after the shock of thinking that she wanted me to sew a shirt tonight. I think she may have suckered played me, but I can't say for certain.

I'll leave you with pictures of a few of the Jack-O-Lanterns that students painted for the annual contest at school. They are in a display case in the art classroom, so the pictures are a bit blurred, but you can see enough to know that our students are pretty artistic and resourceful. (And maybe a bit competitive.)

What have you been doing to prepare for Halloween? 

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jenclair said...

Love the shirts, Mary! And the bunting is awesome! Your students have done a great job with the pumpkins--such variety and originality. They are going to want copies of your pics. :) I've tried to decide which one I like best, but I couldn't come to a decision without changing my mind. Duh!