Friday, October 21, 2016

Yellow Chevron ~~ Finished!

A few weeks months ago I made this yellow chevron quilt to test a pattern, which I've written about a few several times. This one is a smaller, crib quilt that did not take long at all. It may have been one of the first quilts that I made with my "In One Day" pattern. This is the pattern that I used for "That Big Chevron." Of course, this top sat on the growing pile of tops waiting to be quilted. I just wanted to test out the pattern in a variety of sizes, so finishing was not a priority. 

I think I like this one because it's so bright. That yellow and black are pretty fantastic together and, let's face it the polka dots pull it all together.  I quilted pebbles in the solid yellow and easy stippling in polka dots. For the black, I dropped in a loose, loopy rope design. All easy, quick quilting!

 Although the quilt looks okay turned on its side, to form a Streak of Lightning design, I still prefer the way it looks in the horizontal chevron pattern. 

As I think about it, I don't think I've seen a quilt with a Streak of Lightning design that I've liked a great deal. So maybe it's me. Maybe I just have a default design preference that I can't help going back to .

Oh well, if that's the case I am only now becoming aware of it, so apparently it hasn't hurt me very much. I guess I should pay attention to this idea. Well, maybe.

Quilt Stats
Yellow Chevron
45” x 50”
Stash fabrics-- Kona black, Kona bright yellow, polka dots
Kona black
In One Day pattern
Custom Free Motion Quilting – stippling and pebbling
September 2016

How about you? Do you have a default design sensibility that you can't seem to help liking over other designs? 

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Leanne Parsons said...

Beautiful! I love how bright and cheerful it feels :)

Alycia said...

I think it is really cute - and yes - I get design preferences too - when I have worked on a specific quilt, and see it one way, then someone turns it, I just about choke - ha ha!

Kaja said...

Funnily enough I think I agree with you about Streak of Lightning, and much prefer your horizontal setting, which is interesting because when I think about it I would say that mostly I prefer vertical movement/orientation in a quilt. Go figure. In any case I like this yellow/black combination a lot - strong but not overwhelming.