Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October Guild Meeting

The October meeting of the Cotton Quilters' Guild occurred yesterday, and I was able to show three of my quilts. "That Big Chevron" is at home in Rayne, so it missed the show. But the others were quite happy to prance around for a few moments. :-)

Even more fun for me was getting to see the things that my guild members showed. Although some of us joined the guild as quilters, many of the ladies were not quilters when they first joined. However, they are learning, improving skills, and having great fun. 

One of the members presented some options for putting blocks together using sashing and cornerstones. For the last eight or nine months the guild members have been participating in a sampler BOM. They are supposed to put the blocks together and meet next month for a sew day when they'll put together the quilt sandwich and begin quilting. 

This is one member's sampler top. She put it together to give everyone an idea of how theirs might look. 

One of our members made these cute little doll quilts for her granddaughters. She took the opportunity to tell us about dwarfism because one of her grands has the disorder. 

 It's rare that I get to attend our meetings, so it was a real treat getting to catch up with everyone. I agreed to show them how I make my painted cotton quilts in a few months. I did warn everyone that it will not be the same on my domestic machine, but they still insisted that I try. 

Even though I've been quilting for so many years, I still love the feeling I get when other quilters want to talk shop, ask for help, or ask me to teach a technique. Isn't it very rewarding to know that others value your work?

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