Monday, October 24, 2016

Zebra ~~ small finish

Over the weekend Marley got a black fleece jacket to wear on the cool mornings that may eventually come to Louisiana. A solid black, it was kind of plain--definitely not the norm for the darling of divas. So she came up with the idea of putting her initials on the jacket. Only she wanted a zebra print. Zebra. For a six year old. And it was her idea.

She's not spoiled. Not at all.

Luckily I had a few scraps of zebra print left from a project for Dusti. One of those pieces was plenty big enough for a small letter.

Although we considered all three of her initials, we decided that one large letter would show off the print better than three small letters.  

My concern was that the black in the print would disappear into the black of the jacket, but there's enough white for contrast. 
I used an iron-on interfacing to make sure that the black doesn't show through and the white look like gray. It also stabilized the letter making it very easy to stitch down. 

I didn't get a picture of Marley with her jacket on because she had taken her bath and was not dressed for photos. Trust me on this.

 However, she was thrilled with the outcome of the jacket and I am her hero. It would have been nice to be able to accept her hug, but we're trying to keep her from catching my cold.

This sore throat business is really putting a damper on my sewing life. Since when did laryngitis cause so much pain and legarthy? I can barely move at times. It just silly (and a bit depressing) that a simple sore throat can keep me out of the studio this much. 

Back to the jacket--it was a hit. I'm beginning to see a pattern between Jenny and Marley with these small projects. If I look back I might even see that the pattern is a weekly thing. Hmm. Jenny noted at supper tonight that she'd have to pay for sewing if she didn't have a Grandmay. I took it as a compliment and ate the dessert that Marley cooked to say thank you: cold Pop Tarts.

How do you use your sewing skills to spoil your children or grandchildren?

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Karen S said...

Great result. It is always interesting to see how a simple addition can light up a garment. Great choice.
I do hope you get better quickly. This is definitely no fun.