Friday, June 16, 2017

Pin It Weekly #207 ~~ Four Years!

YahoO! and hooRay!
Pin It WeEkly #207! Fleur de Lis Quilts celebrates its fourth AnnIversary of 
Pin It Weekly

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm relatively impressed that I've been able to keep up four years of Pin It Weekly. Not that it's difficult, it's just the remembering that sometimes gets in the way. And life. You know what life is...husbands, children, grandchildren, sickness, work, grading papers. All of that stuff. Never the less, here we are with four years behind us. Sweet! I figured I'd spend a little time thinking about what I've enjoyed while writing these posts and maybe share that with you. How about one for each year.

1.  The people who share pins with me and who repin the items that I curate. Those I follow and those who follow me. 

3139 followers total
1563 followers on "heart, quilts" alone
2253 that I follow...what a joy it was to discover about a year ago that my followers outnumber the boards I receive pins from

2. The surprises that I run across. Generally those surprises get me to thinking in new, different ways. The things that make my heart stop for just a moment. Those things I didn't know exist. Those things that I could never conceive of on my own.

"Ribbon Chapel" ~ by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Co., Ltd. ~ Miks' Pics "Modern Architecture" board @

Ballet Ballet Ballet

Night Scene - Peter Paul Rubens
Night Scene - Peter Paul Rubens

3. The pins and boards that inspire. Not just me, but those I share them with. The things that are so beautiful I want to be there to inspect and look closely. (Maybe even touch!) The handmade things that are so interesting I want to make them, too. At the very least I want to take it apart in my head and analyze every detail.

Barn Quilts of Grundy County Iowa Want on like this? Order one today in time for the holidays!
Richard and I made two barn quilts for our
sheds after our tour in Ashtabula County

Portrait of Lydia Delectorskaya - Henri Matisse
Portrait of Lydia DelectorskayaWorks by Henri
Matisse inspire me to look at color differently. 
"Canvas" pillows by she can quilt:
Items like these pillows encouraged me to
 give matchstick quilting a try.

4. The things that teach. No one can possibly know everything, of course, but I like to think of myself as a well-rounded being. (Except for those concepts that are vulgar, terrifying, or rude to otherx, which I can not tolerate and will never share.) That said I like to enrich my life by discovery and reading about the ideas and concepts that I've not been privy to in the past. 

Georgia O'Keeffe Yellow Sweet Peas 1925
Georgia O'Keeffe's works teach how to look
closely at a subject. This is Yellow Sweet Peas 1925 

Gees Bend Quilt...Martha Jane Pettway, born 1898. "Housetop"--nine-block "Half-Logcabin" variation, ca. 1945, corduroy, 72 x 72 inches
Gees Bend Quilt...Martha Jane Pettway, born 1898. "Housetop"--
 "Half-Logcabin" variation, ca. 1945, corduroy, 72 x 72 inches

Free Motion Quilt Along - Find the 45 videos posted in the 2012 Quilt Along right here.
Leah Day--the girl is brilliant!

5. And a few things I may not want to know or see! We may not be seeing these guys again...ever.

Cacodaemon auriculatus                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A snake was hit by a car. A woman picks him up, feeds him & gets him back to a full state of health. But then he bites her, injecting her with his deadly venom. On her death bed, she asked “after all I did for you why did you bite me?” ….. The snake replied. “ You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

No! It's not an alien! It's an Aye-aye. A harmless rodent-type animal native to Madagascar.  Freaky looking little thing!!

Thanks for celebrating Pin It Weekly with me! It's been an interesting couple of months...I hope you enjoyed it, too.


Karen S said...

Well done on achieving this milestone!

Kaja said...

I'm impressed too! As you say, life so often gets in the way that to keep anything regular going for this long is quite an achievement.