Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rolling Along

I made two discoveries today. First if you want an organized space, I have a fast way to make it happen. 

Knock the entire organizer down. Haha  As you pick things up from the floor, you may as well put them in order. It really doesn't take very long to decide, get started, put things away. It all happens rather quickly. Try not to say the words I used...that slows things down.

The other discovery is that babies will sleep and play while you quilt! Dusti called and ask for free babysitting for a couple of hours. A "couple" became five or maybe six. Who keeps track when multi-tasking? 

Don't be fooled by the cute pictures. Great-grandies can scream just as loudly as ordinary grandies. But for the most part we had lots of fun, and DeeDee (that's me) quilted for almost two hours while she napped, played and hiccuped. Apparently babies like long-arms as much as dryers.

1 comment:

Karen S said...

Great discovery about babies and long arms!!!
Sweet photos.