Saturday, June 3, 2017

Stash Report for April and May

I seem to be on an every-other-month schedule for giving stash reports. Likely that's because I don't seem to be getting very many quilts completed. Wait, I am struggling with getting quilts started. 

I have been distracted quite a bit lately, and I tend to quilt and read sort of in the same way--hyper-focused and unable to do anything else.  Since school ended for the summer, I've read two books and in both cases I started and finished the book within 24 hours. That's just how I roll. Nevertheless, I have finished a few projects, though most of those were not quilt related. 

Stash Report for April/May 2017
Completed Projects 
Used this month:
 Tranquility (5 yds)
Added this month:
Summer dress (2.5 yds)

Cotton painting (1 yd)
Used in 2017:
Small finishes (1 yd)
Added in 2017:
.5 gift
Shorts (3 yds)

Goodness, one quilt in two months' time. I'll have to get working on improving that! Hopefully, I'll have something to report next month.  How has your quilting been going lately? I certainly hope better than mine.

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Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

With the whole summer ahead, you will do great! Love how methodical you are about it all.