Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Stacked Quilts

It finally occurred to me that because I use a variety of ways to store quilts, I might share those and some that I've found on Pinterest. 

Richard hung three vintage, wooden boxes on the wall of the studio above the sewing table. It's a space that is too difficult to reach, so I chose to fold and place baby quilts in them. To protect the fabric from the wood, I placed plastic along the bottom and back.

Another way that I store quilts is to hang them on a baby bed rail. This I simply lean up against anything so long as it's out of the way. When I need to get behind it for something, I just move it to another spot. Even with the seven quilts on it, it's not heavy to move.

Finally, I fold and stack quilts in my dad's old navy trunk. It's in pretty bad shape but I can't bring myself to have it restored or changed in any way. It holds plenty of quilts--20 or so queen-sized quilts plus a few smaller ones. To protect these quilts, I put down some fairly heavy plastic and then covered that with a heavy cotton. My idea is that the plastic will keep water away from the quilts and the cotton will protect them from any dirt or wood damage from the trunk.

And a few ideas from my Pinterest board, "stacked, quilts"...

Old Pie Safe...filled with prim quilts. Country Sampler's 30 Icons of Country Style: Quilts.:

Sew Kind Of Wonderful:

HP Craftalong ~Spring Semester 2014~ Quilt Storage ~ Astronomy: Sew Kind Of Wonderful:

China Cabinet Quilt Storage.  Great Idea!!:

Another way to store and display quilts.:

And some quilts to go in all those fancy storage options....

Quilty Love | The VandCo Simply Colorful flower petal quilt |

Color Therapy Quilt

Triangle Hexies PDF quilt patternQuilty Love | Plus Squared Quilt Pattern |

by Lella Boutique (Vanessa Goertzen) Vanessa's "Snow Blossoms" quilt is a celebration of the Nordic snowflake seen in so many lovely wintry textiles. Fat-quarter friendly!

A Quilter's Table: Thinly Sliced: We just had the pleasure to be a part of the 2017 Quilt Market in St Louis, Missouri. Our booth was set up  with a lot of beautiful projects from the Blue Sky collection, adorable quilts from the b…

Quilt réalisé avec 1 Quilt Roll Pois & Moi et du tissu blanc. Les blocs sont coupés avec la règle X-Blocks Basix. Envoi des explications par email sur demande pour tout achat d’1 règle X-Blocks Basix et d’1 roll.:

Modern quilt designed by Stacey Day displayed at the QuiltCon 2017 show:

All of these quilts are newly pinned on my "heart, quilts" board. See you next Sunday for more quilty inspiration.

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