Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Quilts for Guys, Men, and Boys

Happy Father's Day! Below are the fathers who have a great deal of influence in my life. All of the boys and their families were here today, making messes, huge ruckuses, and enormous fun.

Riley, my dad who died in 2012
This is from his 70th birthday party; he died at 81.

Richard, my husband of 38 years 
He was in his 30's in this picture,
 still as good looking at 57.

Our rough looking bunch of boys--
don't you know they're all now clean shaven!
Will (oldest), Rory (youngest) and Adam (middle)

This quick-cut and strip pieced design is elegant in its simplicity. Three sizes included: 50" x 50" 66" x 76" 82" x 92"

Image of tear and repair (2)

Masculine quilt

Easy Quilts Summer 2013; absolutely love the black and white!! TONS of quilt ideas in here-- check it out!

Elsie Campbell, Artist, Dad's Plaids quilt - This is a pattern in her String Quilts book (2009).

Stepping Stones pattern - love the colors of the homespun fabric in this quilt; black fabrics were used for the the centers....

...quilt from old "worn - in" shirts... Lovely.

Recycled denim quilt @ Do It Darling~A Collection Of Ideas And Inspiration: Posted in~Do It Yourself: 5 Sep 2013 by admin... Love the patchwork on both sides. Should be easy to machine quilt in strips. Table runner idea, reversible!Kaitlin’s Thrifted Plaid Quilt « Eileen Quilts old quilts bring back great memories from my childhood.

string quilt -  I made a quilt exactly like this a few years ago in autumn colours and backed it with fleece. It is my favourite quilt and so cozy.

I love how simple this is! The yellow binding is adorable! (similar to the Pottery Barn set we like with vintage airplanes)= free pattern = Buffalo Check Quilt Pattern from Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio. Multiple sizes from mini to king. Free printable instructions.

Holy Smokes!! I need to make this for me!! I love my homespuns and this would be a perfect use of them.

Quilt made from homespun plaids using the hopscotch pattern.

There are many more ideas for guy-themed quilts on my "heart, quilts" board. I hope you had a wonderful day with your children and grandchildren. 

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Kaja said...

Your family photos aren't showing (sadly) but you've found a great selection of 'man quilts'.