Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Already? A Uniform Finish

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Independence Day!

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On left the skirt that fits used for measurements; on right the new skirt
Are you aware that it's already time to start preparing for the next school year? Well, that's what I'm told anyway. Last weekend Jenny and Adam went shopping for uniforms for Marley. When they got home, Jenny asked me to remake an old uniform skirt into a "new" skirt that would fit Marley. The skirt was about three sizes too large and much too long. 

closures left intact
side seam with top-stitching to
hold hand-stitched basting

 I planned to rip out every seam and cut a new skirt from the pieces. But that wasn't necessary. The skirt has a zipper and a button closure in good condition so I decided to leave that intact. Instead I cut away the opposite side seam trimming off enough to fit Marley after sewing the seam back together. To make sure that the waistband looked good, I hand-stitched the different sections in place then top-stitched with the machine along the seams.

Hem, sewn on the machine rather than hand sewn 

Using a skirt that fit, I measured and sewed the hem. Then I pressed the whole skirt using sizing and lots of heat. The little skirt looks pretty good for something refashioned from a skirt that has been worn by three different girls. Uniform fabric is heavy, durable stuff, somewhat like men's khaki pants. It can take almost anything! When Marley outgrows this skirt, it will go to school for another little girl to wear. 

Final outcome
And so there we are: one grandie ready for school! Five more to go! Are you and yours getting ready for back-to-school yet?


Karen S said...

No - it's far too soon!!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I know! I just smile and smile and wish everyone the best.