Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Marcottes go west (pt 1)

This post will probably be heavy on the pictures and light on everything else. For some reason we can't seem to grasp the concept of having all the time in the world. We just keep pushing ourselves to see and do more every day. It's the old idea that the fun will end soon and life will go back to normal. 

So here are some of the highlights of the last few days. At least we've been enjoying ourselves.

This guy has an entire prairie and chooses to visit us. 
The look on Richard's face as he watched the bull bison amble 
within arm's reach shows how honored we were. 

Just as wild, just as close...not as scary!
And speaking of prairie...

When you leave the prairie behind, you may find yourself in a place called the Badlands. Heavens, this place is terrifying. I cannot describe the heights and depths of these hills of rock. 

I was standing right in the little dip in the bottom of the picture.
Later I had a panic attack: we drove too close to the edge.
Have to get somewhere quick?
You have to wait your turn for the one-lane tunnel.
I took the tunnel picture through the windshield. Richard does not stop every time I ask. And when he does, he may pass up the view before getting the truck off the road and stopped. I just start clicking when I see something. (And I wonder why my pictures look "so real.")

No matter all that, I'm happy that we're not living
in this little prairie sod house with dirt walls and floor.
Although I admit, I loved every minute of exploring it.

More to come how soon depends on the wifi / phone connection that's available. 

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