Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pin It Weekly #210

It's another Pin It Weekly. Aren't we racing through the summer? It will soon be back-to-school time and, for those of us in the deep South, some bearable days of temps in the 70s. Oh, to be so blessed right now!  

Wouldn't you love to meet Judi Bennett in person? I would and here's why: we have many things in common. Our Pinterest sites, for example, share many of the same type of boards. It's possible that we are pinning from each other! But even more intriguing is her board, "Respect, Honor, Sacrifice."  

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery

The American Patriot Page — Devildoc66

Let's not forget all of the men who can't be there for their children today because they are serving our country. Happy Father's Day to all Military Dads and Thank You for your service!america. I am very proud for the men in my family that have done that. Vietnam, Gulf War, and still in the Middle East fighting for Freedom.

Early Morning Rain

Tracy Milligan must love watercolors and may even create her own works. I'm not exactly sure since the board that appears to be of her work doesn't really say. She has another board, "watercolors," that is obviously an inspiration board for her. Take a look at these beautiful pieces.

Beach bicycle waterlogue

2 young fishermenSketchbook Wandering: Quick Sketch from a Quick Sketch

Potted Blooms Watercolor Card by gardenblooms on Etsy

And lastly, Donna Fournier has only a few boards, but one titled "Places to Visit" seems to be more about sewing. That board (no matter the title) caught my eye right away!

Use recycled plastic bags to help tame tricky fabrics.

Sweet and Scrappy Baby Bibs - via @Craftsy

Bias Binding Tutorial - Free - via @Craftsy

cute monster totediy cover-up side view

Have you found any interesting boards lately? Leave a link in the comments section so the rest of us can go by and check it out.

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