Sunday, July 23, 2017

International Peace Gardens [Marcottes go West pt 3]

Yesterday my sister Jeanne took us to the International Peace Gardens on the border of ND and Canada. The gardens (there are several) are stunning. Added to that fact is that the Dakotas are in a deep drought and it's amazing how much care the volunteers put into their mission of peace.

  1. The two drives include lakes, native trees and wild flowers, and a variety of native fauna. The main gardens are simply breathtaking. Although I recognized many of the plants, the variety and color is well beyond my knowledge. One example of this is the cone flower. 

I'm calling all of these cone flower but they could easily be daisies or perhaps they are related. The point is that the colors are fascinatingly varied.

For more photos of the scenes and flowers at the International Peace Gardens, visit my Facebook page. 

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Anonymous said...

It took a little while to find your pictures but omg!!! It's so worth it. Everything is so gorgeous!!!

Ann said...

I haven't ever visited the Peace Gardens but will add it to my list. What a treat. So glad ordinary citizens continue to work with others even though our elected officials cannot.

Kaja said...

Wow! Some great inspiration here.