Friday, July 14, 2017

little rosary finishes

As many of you already know, Richard and I are traveling through Nebraska and the Dakotas. Today was a rest day. We can handle three to four days of the road. Then someone gets cranky. Cranky leads to words. Words lead to...

Well, let's just say we've been married long enough to know our limits and respect them.

 I haven't had much time for sewing except the bit of handwork I can do on smooth roads. Want to know how deplorable the infrastructure is? Pick up a needle at 60+ mph. Ouch!

 Today we slept late, had a little brunch, piddled.  Then I pulled out the Bernina and played. I've wanted to make a couple of rosary purses for friends at our church. Today I got started. 

What do you think? They are quilted small! For perspective I left a long quilting pin in each. Those zippers are about three inches long. And yes, the odd shaped one is big enough. In fact they hold my biggest rosary. 

For my non-Catholic readers, a rosary is simply prayer beads used to keep track of a set of prayers or a novina. Oftentimes we pray for deceased loved ones using a rosary.

I'll leave you with a picture or two of the river next to our campsite, the Middle Loup River.

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Marty Mason said...

So glad you recognize the limits that come with love and marriage....that gave you time to sew those rosary bead bags...each very original. Stay happy you vacationer, you.

Preeti said...

Ask me how I know what happens when one gets cranky...I know I can turn to you for marital advice, because you have been there and seen everything :-) The pretty little pouches can be used for so many things - headphones, change, chapstick, earrings (during travel) etc.