Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: T H R E A D

Analogous. photographs of cotton reels, photocopied to make layers for final pirce geological layersWho doesn't love thread? Maybe people who have no use for thread. Even they use thread without thinking about it: clothes, bags, home decor and so on. 

Thread is a fairly important commodity. Once it's woven into fabric it becomes even more important, but it's when the fabric is sewn into a ready-made product that most people begin to appreciate thread.

thread in color by by better homes and gardens

Well, not us quilters! We can appreciate thread in it's simple forms, can't we? Turns out those simple forms aren't so simple when you begin looking at how thread is created from raw fiber. 

Here's one of my favorite videos showing how cotton is turned into thread using highly specialized machinery, How It's Made - Cotton. 

Here's How It's Made - Silk. Yes, there are silk worms.

For the knitters out there: How It's Made - Wool.

Thread Holder Does anyone sell these? Link goes to Never Neverland...                                                                                                                                                      Moreorganize embroidery floss with clothespins - Sewing Hacks - Threads - Embroidery - Sewing - Storage - Craft Room - Craft Studio

Long Arm thread storage custom made by the quilters hubby.

Of course, there are a few quilts with thread on them. Wait, I should write that "quilts about thread." No, I still don't like the wording. How about "quilts depicting thread" or "quilts showing spools of thread"? That last one might do, but I imagine that you get the idea. On to the quilts...


Thread and Pincushion quilt row designed by Sandy Gervais of Pieces from My HeartNiceThreads, inspiration

Technically it's not a mini but that is what we call them at our guild. Next year we have our Penn Oaks Quilt show and one of the main ev...


Do you SEE those little tiny "x" squares that look like cross stitching? Be still my crafty little heart! :)


Spools Selvage Quilt -- love the use of the 'selvage' as the 'thread'!

I would love this in miniature to hang on the wall in my sewing room!

This last one is currently hanging in my studio. I hope they inspire you to look at thread in a different way. 
My version of Wendy Gilbert's "Spools and Tools" pattern which I purchased from Quilt in a Day.

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Soma @ said...

Lovely inspirations! Threads always make me think of a paintbox. There are so many beautiful shades out there!