Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Quilt Codex

Yesterday or maybe the day before, a young quilter by the name of Zafira Vaxevanidou left a comment on a post. You know, those are rare, so I sit up and take notice. Then I stalk the commenter. I mean, it's cyber stalking so it's okay, right? No one really knows that it's happening. No one gets hurt. No one seems to care. All the kids do it and all that. 
all pictures and links from The Quilt Codex

Ahem, so back to the story about stalking Zafira, which was difficult because there's not much on the chick. Unless you go to youtube. Or her blog, Zarkadia. Well, she also has a Google+ account. Oh, and I saw that she's on Flickr. Basically she's everywhere I'm not, so it took a little while. Apparently I'm a good stalker and I know how to use Google. Ha, I am a librarian for pete's sake. 


There's a reason I mention Zafira. She started something called "The Quilt Codex" on youtube. Now there's a title I can get behind, being a librarian and all, I knew the word codex, originally a book or listing (usually hand-written) presenting a standard (ie code) for legal, religious, or other information. 

Oh, was I intrigued. Of course, I dropped everything and hauled my full attention to THE PLACE for quilt block videos. If Zafira knew me at all, she probably knew not to concern herself about my stalking her. It lasts only as long as my attention. 

Once something comes between the two, I'm out of the game. So while I did lurk around for a little while, it didn't last terribly long. Instead I watched videos of how to put together quilt blocks. Some of the one that I find most to figure out are not so intimidating after all. Here are two that I thought might interest you:

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