Saturday, September 2, 2017

LSU Saturday Night

Our house is a true LSU house. Actually, I am quite okay to sew while a game is on, but others here cannot understand that attitude and occasionally I do have to sit in front of the TV. Today is the first game day for LSU, so it's the first game day on every TV in the house. Every. Television.  Every. 

Did I say every TV? Marley has a TV in her room, so she decided that she would watch the game with her Barbies. All the Barbies decided to tailgate the game. That's the fun way to watch a football game. Of course, Barbie felt that the correct protocol would be to include the Disney princesses. 

The princesses couldn't leave out the other dolls. And those dolls invited the rubber ducks. The rubber ducks couldn't come without the Littlest Pets and the princes' horse, which meant the princes had to be there. But the princes sat near the rubber ducks because there are so many princesses they couldn't give any one enough attention. And that's how we watch the game in our house. Who do you invite to your game day party?


PymaGirl said...

What fun!

Ann said...

Gregarious and kind granddaughter. Just like you. What a cute story.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Hi Ann, thanks. We did enjoy the setup and the long explanation. I condensed it a bit.
PymaGirl, I tried emailing you but Blogger says your profile is not available. Thanks for visiting though.