Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Win? Me? Really? YES!

A few days ago I got an interesting email from Leanne at She Can Quilt informing me that I, me!, was a winner of (now get this) the big prize on the September Scraptastic Tuesday linkup. Yea, big prize--$40 gift certificate from Mad About Patchwork.
(No affiliation, they're all just good, generous people.)

Then came the next email telling me the gift certificate was ready! Now do you think I had waited to start shopping. Not me! I know a good thing when I read it. 

So I already knew that there was a sale happening--40% off. And the softest fabric in the prettiest colors was waiting with bated breath to come to Fleur de Lis Quilts! 

Shh, don't say it out loud, but I added some yardage above the $40, and you know in your heart that every quilter reading this blog would have done the same.  Now there was one little caveat: the postage was pricey. I did at least ask if there was another option. But by the time I knew the answer three minutes later, my little heart couldn't let go of that gorgeous fabric. 

So I paid the bill. Who's really going to tell me I can't? Well, too bad for them. I did. And there it is. Now all this took place at some point last week. On Tuesday there was a package in the mailbox. Just that fast and easy.   

I ripped into the package and petted and loved, and we had a photo session. Then I petted some more and loved. And showed Cotton (no one else was home) and he was as excited for me as anyone else in this overly emotional family.

So there you are: sometimes you think you're not so lucky (or maybe you spent all of your luck, cause that can happen) and then with almost no effort at all, a package appears in the mail because you won something. And when you get to choose the something, there's the extra winnings of getting to go shopping. 

Thanks again, Leanne! The fabric is perfect! I loved every minute--shopping, ordering, (code for asking goofy questions) and petting! Girl, I had fun petting my little yards of fabric. (It's been a while since my last fabric fix.) We should do this again soon, but let's wait till Katy answers goofy questions from other customers.  

Thanks Mad About Patchwork! Some of the best customer-service people work at your place. And though I tried her patience, Katy could not have been nicer. If she beat on her computer a few times, it's because she was dealing with me. You can forgive her now. 

One more thing: everybody go over there to Mad About Patchwork and just look at the pictures. No, seriously. Go. Tell me the picture below doesn't meet your aesthetic tastes. That's what I'm saying. And if you buy something at 40% off, you will have made a great deal. If you pay postage, that's on you!

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Kaja said...

Congratulations - few things in life are as much fun as shopping for fabric you don't have to pay for.