Friday, September 29, 2017

Death by Quilt ~~ setup finished

Maybe it's impossible, but it seems that the 31 quilts we hung today took most of us out. Oddly, I didn't hang even one quilt. I started out giving orders--I'm so good at that--and getting people busy pricing  items to be for sale in our booth. 

Not MY booth...the guild's booth. There are lots and lots and lots of things. Some made by guild members, others donated by people who just wanted to help, and some that are vintage (patterns, magazines, books) all needing pricing.   

Then the quilt hanging system arrived, so there were lots of things to unload and get set up. Quilts had to be numbered and hung. Quilts needed sleeves. (Several of those were mine.) And someone had to clean up the ends of the poles so the place would look a bit more pulled together. I did that because by then the ladder-climbers were exhausted and I really felt sorry for them. I won't say I overcame my fear of ladders, but I got through the chore unscathed.

Demonstrations needed setting up. Tables covered. Chairs hauled and set up. (We still need chairs, but I told people to get on it. Adults who don't listen annoy me.) 

Porta potties were delivered and had to be placed. I had decided that earlier in the week, got permission to use a parking lot, and met the guy today to give him directions. I tell you, I rock at telling people what to do. 

There weren't enough quilts from other guild members, so a few of us who make several quilts a year were asked to bring extras. I agreed to take seven, if we didn't need them all, I could bring them back home. We used four. The other three and a few more that I'll take over there tomorrow will be the ones I'll present in my part of the trunk show. I've decide to focus on my being a modern quilter since I am more innovative than the other quilters in this guild. 

The four quilts shown here are the ones in the show and were judged along with the others tonight. Some of the other quilts are stunning. I hope to get a change to take pictures at some point during the day tomorrow. That is, after setting up the booth, after the trunk show, and while someone else is around to man my booth. My poor darling husband has agreed to help me through most of the day. So I'll get to tell him what to do, I am pretty good at it. :) 


FlashinScissors said...

Wow, fabulous quilts, Mary!
Well done with the organising. Sounds like you've done this before?
Barbara x

Sylvia said...

Every group needs somebody to tell everybody what to do. Otherwise we all stand around and nothing gets done! The quilts are wonderful. Have a great show.

Kaja said...

If you have a skill, you might as well use it! Sounds like this was a lot of work, so I hope it goes really well.

Karen S said...

There is so much work involved in setting up and displaying quilts. I admire you and your group for taking it on. I do hope it all went well.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

You all have a much nicer way of saying things than my sisters do. They just call me bossy or pushy. I suppose I am. At least I try to be nice when I'm pushing people around.
All did go well! See tonight's post. There are things to learn, even if you think you're the boss. :)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck in the quilt show. LOVE your barn quilt and that Plus quilt!!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Joyful, that plus quilt sold! I actually didn't intend to sell it, but someone wanted it for a special gift. I'm quite honored actually, but I'm also a pushover! Once I realized that I could always make another, it was done. I generally have some difficulty letting my favorites go, but knowing that it's going to an admirable person made it much easier.