Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: SKYSCRAPER

This picture is what brought me to the idea of using skyscrapers as quilt inspiration.  I'm not certain why it appeals to me so, but I think the fabrics have something to do with that. I've always loved indigo fabrics. Mixed with the grays and a hint of blue, it's just the modern look that I love.

#splendidsampler block 94 Skyscrapers designed by @peppermintstitches #usingmystash #debbiesyearlongproject #catchingup

And so, I did a quick search and found a few American skyscrapers that I think are interesting and a few that are familiar, if only from photographs and television.

american copper: a look inside SHoP's new york skyscraper

One Bryant Park (Bank of America Tower), Cook+Fox Architects, NYC, New York.  This building has been proclaimed to be the "greenest skyscraper in America", as well as said by the architects to be "biophilic".  Seeing as this thesis is concerned with the subject of biophilia, it seems only appropriate to challenge or confirm these statements.  Being early in the thesis process, I will only state at this time that this impressive building deserves deeper investigation.New York City, c. early 1930s. Digitize your own photo history with Pic Scanner…

Trump Hotel in Las Vegas NV. How many people are employed here? How many people does Hillary employee? You guessed it. A true American helping the American people with jobs vs. a women claiming she has a ticket-for what? job deployment, child neglect, welfare, joblessness, gun control, higher taxes for elite politicians, debt explosion-hyperinflation leaving us with no social security for American workers who have paid their fair share year after year. These jack asses of the world order has end

Lower Manhattan | Instagram photo by /greg/.rox.photographyWillis Tower (Sears Tower), Chicago by by Skidmore Owings and Merrill; SOM Architects :: 110 floors, height 442m

Empire State Building, New York, USA

Here are only some of the many quilts that I found with an easy search: "skyscraper quilts." Check out how various they are in technique, type and size. It would be possible to have two more SQI's with skyscrapers and not repeat pictures from either the inspiration or the quilts. 

Block 94 designed by Stacey Lowe: Skyscrapers variation by Maudy van den Elshout. the skyscrappers are now C17th canal houses

Art Quilts by Mietzi - Gallery of Artwork - Quilts Inspired by Buildings. Katharina Litchman

Artist Made Fabric Panel Starry Night Sky City Scene Buildings Fiber Art SkyscaperASCENT, DESCENT - my hat is off to LISA REPSEVICIUS, because she made this very low-key, quick set of three string-pieced chevrons, and then she PUNCHED IT RIGHT UP with just six little pieces of the sky blue. -- click for this and many other great modern strip quilts sold at auction by the SALVAGE/SELVEDGE group to support a school in Ethiopia

Harbour Lights by Karlyn Hanchard....a girl can dream!

Sun Sets Red, Fiber, 34 x 34" Framed                                                                                                                                                      More

Urban textile art by Pauline Barnes.Art Decor Mixed Media FIber Art Lunar Eclipse Over City Skyline reflects city…

Log Cabin Quilter

Heather Dubreuil interview: Contemporary art quilts

Here's hoping you've found some inspiration from today's SQI. 

Come back tomorrow to read about the outcome of yesterday's quilt show and craft sale by our local guild. 

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