Thursday, October 19, 2017

Friend Finishes ~~ Tees and more

I told you here that I'd been helping a friend whose wrist is pinned together and in a cast. She fell and broke it pretty badly, so she won't be sewing monogrammed tee shirts for a while. But she had a nice little thing going, so I'm being a good friend by helping when I can. I took a few days to get another order of tee shirts sewn up so she could get them to NSU this weekend. 

There were several tees and four of these pull-overs. This stuff is thin and slick, so yeah, hard to sew. I remembered that my Bernina has a dial to set the presser foot so that the feed dogs can grab the fabric and move it along. 

If you have that feature, it's quite useful when sewing this weird stuff. But you have to remember to readjust the dial after. Otherwise, when you work on something like the warmup pullovers or the fleece blanket, both of which are thick, the same setting can cause a pretty serious drag.  You don't get very far even though you're driving at full speed.

It doesn't take very long to remember that you caused your own problem. Ha! Anyway, we are done for quite some time, I think. She's promised not to take any orders so that I can work on a few quilts. Two of them are Christmas gifts!

Everything turned out great. Well I had a slight problem with one seam ripper slipped and took a bite out of the knit. I sort of repaired it so one of the young grands can wear it as a night gown. It won't fit anyone else.

I'll leave you with some linkups and this picture of our cat. This is how we sun ourselves in Louisiana--half in the sun, half in the shade. 

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Kaja said...

That's quite a pile you've produced there. You are a good friend, but I bet you'll be happy to have time for quilting again.

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

That is such a thoughtful and kind thing for you to do and I'm sure your friend appreciates all your help!

Sylvia said...

Hi, Mary! What a nice thing to do for your friend and her customers! Such amazing workmanship, too, no chance I could ever do that. Love the cat photo.

Karen S said...

That is a lot of work but everything looks great. Well done!