Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pin It Weekly #217

I have a wonderful friend who sews Greek letters onto tee shirts, blankets and other items for college students in fraternity and sorority organizations. Long story short, she broke her arm. Sewing is almost impossible until she has surgery and a hard cast. Guess who got a call! 

Are we surprised? No! And what do you do when your friend is crying on the phone while in the ER? I mean, come on. I had to help out. The picture above is of the two tee shirts and the one below of the three blankets.  

I've helped her in a pinch before, when she took on more than she could handle. That means she knows what she can expect. Ha! There's more to that story. Anyway, this business got me thinking of Greek life. 
So the truth is I haven't been pinning them but I have been thinking about them. Thus, here's some of the Greek life on Pinterest.

You can recite the Greek alphabet. | 35 Signs You Miss Your Sorority  I mean... Technically I'm a bro

Gamma Phi Beta cactus painting

↞ ✧☼☽ Pin: @dalphny ☾☼✧ ↠

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