Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: pun'kin

Pumpkins are the gourd of the day at this time of year. I saw a family at Walmart pushing a buggy with five or six huge pumpkins and a net-bag with lots of small fake ones. But with Thanksgiving and Halloween coming along very rapidly, it's time to find a few. 

If you're going to decorate with pumpkins, you should at least know the different kinds!
Curious about why I wrote pun'kin rather than pumpkin? My daddy said the word that way, and he sometimes called us girls pun'kin. With eight daughters, he said it fairly often, so when I hear the word, I think of his pet name for us. Even when it's prounced correctly I hear him saying it his way.

A family day at the local pumpkin patch is essential in the Fall. I love watching my daughter pick out her "perfect" pumpkin! #danskoessentials

The Patch (at Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch)

Carve a Pattern - Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas - Southernliving. Turn standard grocery store pumpkins into decorative votive holders that are embellished with polka-dot cutouts.     How To Make It: Decorative Pumpkin Votive Holders

| October | "Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere." ~ Charles M. Schulz, The Great Pumpkin, Charle brownWhat a pretty fall arrangement for the yard or porch. Don't forget your backyard and patio. It's fun to decorate there too.98fca2ba685d1316b3b37175655100e8.jpg 540×720 pixels

38 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas & How To Carve |

I love fall most of all

The Enchanted Cove

I found many pumpkin themed quilts, but all are small table toppers or wall quilts with the exception of this first one. 
pumpkin quilt - Bee In My Bonnet: I hope you...
It makes sense, though, that most of the quilts are small. A large pumpkin quilt wouldn't be displayed except for a few months a year. October and November, perhaps. Of course, Christmas quilts have only one year and there are many of those. 

Get ready for autumn with this cute harvest table runner! Use your favorite orange scraps to complete this cute project. This sophisticated fall decoration

Pumpkin Patch QuiltIt’s no surprise that I could hardly wait to make a mini version of the Pumpkins pattern! I decided to make this mini a little bigger than my other minis. It measures 23 1/2″ x 29″ finished, so it mak

Pumpkin Quilt

Scrappy Quilt show - Right Here!! :) - Page 28

Pumpkin= tutorial = Scrappy pumpkin table runner by Andy Knowlton | Thermoweb

Pumpkins wall quilt by Avis Shirer and Tammy Johnson

Autumn Welcome quilt by Shelly Pagliai. Panama Canal cruise projects.

48in x 57 1/2in

Of course, there are many people who own pumpkin farms, and a large quilt would make a welcome display either inside or outside the home. No matter the size or the season, pun'kin quilts can be especially cute. If you've a mind to make one, there are many patterns and even more inspiration pictures on Pinterest.


Cjh said...

Where did you find all these great pumpkin quilt pictures? I'd love to look them up and find out the pattern sources, etc. I see you haven't included any links or permissions? Thanks if you can give more sources!

Ann said...

I just visited a pumpkin farm with my grandson. He was so excited. Your photos are delightful. I especially like the first pumpkin quilt.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Ann, I'm sure your grandson enjoyed every minute of playing in the pumpkins. I remember my boys wanting to carry the heaviest of pumpkins to the car...some weighing more than they.
Cathy, I wish I could contact you via email, but I can't seem to find anything other than a blog that seems to be on hiatus. The problem with Pinterest is that pinners don't worry about giving credit for photos. It's one reason that so many photographers and bloggers are moving toward including a watermark right on the picture. If you enter the search term "pumpkin quilts" in the Pinterest search bar, you'll get the same photos that I did. You can try to follow the links back to the original but that doesn't always work. I quit trying to locate the original sources for links long ago because it was eating up a great deal of time that I wanted to use for quilting. (Can you blame me?) Good luck and let us know if you've moved your blog.