Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bloggers You Follow Post 7 :: Write 31 Days

Most bloggers have followers that they can write about. That's what we discussed in Post 4 (here). Yet, bloggers are also followers ...and we all have favorite blogs that we return to again and again. There are a couple of good posts right there on your sidebar. 

The reasoning behind the idea is pretty straight-forward: as a long-time reader, you have had the opportunity to get to know the blogger, having interacted with her blog, emailing her on occasion, and maybe even meeting her in person. Conventions and shows provide a wonderful opportunity to match a person to the blog. Getting to "know" the people who write your favorite blogs gives you an advantage in your own writing. With permission, you can write about the blog or the blogger.

Let's turn things around a little and think about how to write a post or two using your favorite blogs.

  •  It's easy to create a list of your favorite blogs. Perhaps write a short blurb about each one giving basic information
  • Are you willing to name a favorite? Go ahead! Why is this blog or blogger your favorite? What's her special gift in her niche? How does her writing stand out? How long have you followed her?
  • Do you feel a special closeness to one or two bloggers? Write about your friendship. Why do you sense this closeness? Why do you think the other person feels the same? Be sure to contact the other person and ask permission to write about your personal connection. You can write a general post about all of the bloggers you feel connected to or write an indepth post about one or two. 
  • Cover one special blogger each month (choose your own timeline). See the questions above or create your own; then dig into her blog and find the answers. 
  • Cover each blogger by speciality. Name the speciality and define it. Then present the blogger who best presents that speciality. For example, I follow many quilting blogs--I could cover modern, traditional, applique, trapunto, art, paper piecing, and so on. Explain why you think this blogger is an expert in the field.
  • Present the bloggers you follow by the books, videos or articles that they bring to the field. Bloggers today are writing and creating e-zines, books, tutorials, videos and in many other mediums. Provide links to the item(s) and explain what this particular blogger has added to the common knowlege that others in the niche need and appreciate.
  • Which bloggers have you met in person? How did the writer strike you? Were you surprised by her personality or did you meet exactly the person you expected? What did you do together? Is there something that you are sure to remember? 
  • Do you follow bloggers from outside of your country? What are their special gifts? How did they come to the field? What issues or problems do they face that is different than your own experience? Do they write about place? How does this knowledge affect you? You can cover each blogger separately or in one general post. 
Photo credit: Kai Brame @kaibrame
You must remember foremost that you are writing about real people. They have families and friends, many of whom may discover or be informed of your post. Privacy rules and internet etiquette should always be considered, especially when writing about other people. Ask permission first. Give the blogger as much information as you can about your plans so that she can make an informed decision about whether to allow this invasion of privacy. Many bloggers are more than happy and honored, but others may say no or lay down strict rules for your article. Be honorable and show your respect for the decision. Send a copy of the article before publication for her approval.

Why write about those writers whose blogs you follow? Share the love, for one. Your readers may want to add to their favorites. They want to know what you think. They trust you, so they take your recommendations seriously and check out the other blog. Any of those is a compliment to you, and you can pay it forward by complimenting others. Once you ask and receive permission, the article almost writes itself--you know this writer, have read her work and can easily research additional information on her blog. You can also get more than one post from almost any of the options above--a sweet bit of good fortune. Who among us is not looking for ideas that can translate into multiple posts?

Consider writing about blogs you follow. Make sure you ask first and respect decisions. Once that's out of the way, you will most likely enjoy writing a post or two about people you already like and who add information and entertainment to your life. 

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