Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Hard Day

Jake Thomas DucoteToday was the funeral for the young man who died last week from when his friend shot him with an automatic rifle. Jake had many friends and family, but I was still astounded by the numbers that showed up last evening for the wake service, and this morning at the funeral. 

My husband and sons have always known Jake and his dad, so we are quite close. Additionally, Steve and Mike have been best friends forever, so our families are really connected. As I wrote a few days ago, we are friends who choose to be family. 

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Sitting on the side and watching this young couple bury their only child was hard, sad, heart-wrenching. We came home this afternoon exhausted. Now, having taken a long nap, I still feel sad and exhausted, as though the wing was punched out of my lungs. 

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However, we have to begin the process of living again: our youngest son had surgery a couple of nights ago, so we need to check on him (in person) tomorrow. The grands are going back to school tomorrow and their parents to work, so exhaustion is not an option really.

There is some comfort in knowing what a fun, loving big teddy bear of a guy, who would do anything he could to help others. I am proud that many of his high-school teachers, students from BHS, and friends visited to wish condolences to his parents.

What a loved and loving young man we have lost. 

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