Monday, November 6, 2017

Houston IQA {2} The Haul!

Although I rarely spend any time in the vendor section of the Houston quilt show, I actually did a little shopping this year. With a list. And some honest-to-goodness needs! 

Firstly, I took stock of the thread I had for the long arm machine. Turns out I didn't have any gray thread. None. So I visited the Superior Thread shop and picked up six spools--three each of Omni for needle thread and some The Bottom Line for the bobbin. 

I couldn't find a perfect match for the medium gray Omni, so I picked up two of the lighter gray TBL. They will work together well. TBL is so fine that even if it shows on top, it's very difficult to see the contrast.

I bought this great seam ripper/stiletto last year in Vicksburg (I think) and broke it when I dropped it on the concrete floor. Oops. Before that happened, though, I was having trouble with the little spring that holds the seam ripper. It would move around inside the holder. So the guy told me how to fix that problem but decided that the spring didn't seem right, so he replaced it altogether.  

Now the entire piece feels like new. Too bad it was in my purse (so I wouldn't forget to bring it to the show) when my ink pen decided to go splat on everything. Like everything else, it has some pinkish stain on it.

I picked up a couple of these cool long arm guides. Too bad I don't have a quilt already loaded so I can try them out! I am curious to see what those little loops at the tops do. It's difficult to see, but notice the lines? I have a feeling that I'll appreciate those. Usually I draw my own, this means I don't have to.

Finally, I bought four patterns. I just couldn't seem to control myself. :) The first one is called "Mini Divas" and has two versions of a little wallet. I bought the hardware for four wallets at the same time hoping I get to make some for Christmas. I also got two fat quarters to make for myself asap.

The others are "Backseat Babysitter," "Catch-all Caddy," and "Open Wide." I've read several blog posts on the "Open Wide" bag. This one is a bit different, but I like the shape and think the girls will enjoy having each one. Backseat Babysitter will be a nice addition to my car and Richard's truck. 

Okay, that's it for me tonight. Come back tomorrow for pictures of some of the quilts at the show. I can't post all 500+ pictures that I took, but I think you'll like some of these. Pin, Instagram, Twitter--whatever social media you like--but please give me credit for the photograph. I spent lots of time taking and editing pictures. Remember to add the #houstonquiltshow hashtag to everything so others can find them. 


Kaja said...

That is the nicest seam ripper I've ever seen! It makes me want to get right in there and start ripping.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Haha, it's nice, but I don't recall that it ever inspired me to rip for fun. Maybe I haven't appreciated it as much as I should. I'll give it another go, trying to keep it off the floor.

Karen S said...

Some very exciting purchases. The surprise ones are always fun, but it is also great to get the items on your list as well.
The patterns to be used for gifts look like lovely ideas. Good luck with your Christmas sewing.