Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Houston IQA {3} Ribbons!

Every quilt on this post is a ribbon winner. That's about all I can tell you. It's possible to look them all up in the catalog, which I always purchase, but if I take time for that, you get fewer photos. I'm going with the photos. You can look up the winners in the catalog which is now online. 

Janet Stone's Garden Variety Sampler which won Best of Show 

And a tighter look at parts of the quilt...
My personal favorite part of the quilt is the topiaries.

Did you notice the sheep?

Can you just imagine!


jenclair said...

OMG Janet Stone's quilt belongs in a museum!

Kaja said...

That is an amazing quilt! I like the topiary too, but the sheep are the best bit.