Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amarillo this Morning

 Okay, I admit, it's a corny title, but I couldn't resist.  Check out my amarillo flower (Hippeastrum species). I planted it several years ago.  It doesn't bloom every year, so a bloom is a wonderful treat.  Now to figure out how to keep the grandchildren from breaking the flowers this weekend.  That seems to be their favorite pastime when there's a pretty flower in bloom.

On Sunday I finished up the window seat cushion.  I can't show it quite yet because my darling is now asleep on the cushion.  To post a photo of him in any form would not be a pleasant thing for me, so I'll pass for tonight.  

I do have a photo of a quilt I started after finishing the seat cushion.  I cut the tumbler blocks for this little quilt using my  Accuquilt Studio cutter some time ago.  The solids are scraps that my sister Laura gave me about two years ago, and the print was a large piece of fabric that a friend gave me about one year ago.              I decided to cut all the scraps up because the fabrics are quite thin, and I didn't want to mix them with my quilting cottons, but I also didn't want to toss them!  Sunday I just wanted to throw together a fast easy baby quilt, and this definitely fit that description.
Today I came home to a complete top and loaded it on the long arm.  I've almost finished quilting it, so by this time tomorrow, I'll be done.  I've decided to leave the angles on the sides even though that will mean it will be a little more difficult to bind.                                                                        What do you think?  Will it add to the quilt design?  

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