Thursday, March 1, 2012

Past Due!

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I got a letter from the public library today--an overdue notice!  How embarrassing!  Me.  A Librarian.  Someone who sends notices.  Oh, goodness, it's impossible to face.  

I'm seriously considering sending the books back via Richard.  He laughed when he saw the notice, of course.  What else could he do?  Still, it's one thing to have him laughing at me.  It's another to face the librarian at the public library.
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What books did I borrow from the library?  Two darling quilting books.  I enjoyed reading the tips and techniques of The Quilter's Ultimate Visual Guide.  Of the two, however, I especially enjoyed drafting and drawing the wildflowers in Carol Armstrong's book.

I really liked the patterns and the tidbits of information about the individual flowers.  Since I like to make quilts with piecing in the center surrounded by a wide border of appliqued flowers, this book was great inspiration.  Armstrong includes several projects using the patterns in her book, but my plan is to I redraft the flowers to fit my needs.  I don't necessarily want to create botanically correct flowers, but to come up with creatively close flowers that I will enjoy making.  

Yes, facing the music of my tardy returns is a small price to pay for the inspiration.  Richard, however, will gladly pay my piper if it means he can continue to enjoy my squirming.  I'll let him have his fun and take the jibbing from the kids and grandkids.  I'll have to face them anyway.

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