Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thanks Laura!

I came home to a small package tonight.  It is round, and flat, and shiny........from my sister Laura, who lives in Tennessee.
She's a great photographer, and the shiny surprise is a CD of photos she took while visiting after Christmas.  

There are several photos on the CD but these are some of my favorites.  They were all taken around our house and depict some of our woodland friends.  

This white egret sitting very stately in the tree decided to go fishing in our pond.  Laura managed to get pictures of him in both places.   The blue heron is a regular feeder at the pond and gets his share of fish. 

While at our house, she also snapped a few photos of some of my quilts and quite a few of the chickens, the goats and the horses.  Even one of the barn cats was still for her.  I'll share those in another post.

I hope you enjoy her photos.  Please leave a comment letting her know.  I'm sure she's appreciate hearing from you, and I know I will.

Happy quilting,

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jenclair said...

Beautiful photos and so Louisiana!