Sunday, March 4, 2012

NICU Gowns--Update

Completed gowns in lots of colors, especially pink, beige, and blue
After I received fabric from a giveaway by Jan-Maree at Cherry Red Quilter, I promised to make more of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) hospital gowns that I've made in the past for Women's and Children's Hospital in Lafayette.  (read the first post here  and the second  here)  The fabric, you see, is so darling and perfect for such tiny infants, that I had to follow my heart.  
Step 1: use pattern to cut gowns
Well, as promised, I've begun.  Using a sort of assembly line process 
Step 2: use same pattern to cut lining
(sort of because I'm too ADD to stick with a true assembly line)  things are coming along nicely.  
Step 3: sew one gown and one lining
To date I have ten gowns complete and ready for the washer.  I will wait to finish sewing, then wash them all in one load.  
Step 4: turn right side out and press
If you're interested in my sort of assembly line, check out the photos.  They document the steps from cutting to completion.
Step 5: close off neckline

If you're interested in making some gowns, for a NICU near you, get the pattern and directions in my tutorial.  
Step 6: add velcro closures
They are actually quite easy to make--only two pieces of fabric, four velcro closures and six steps.
Now none of those "oh, you're such a good person" or "you are so giving."  

Jan-Maree's giveaway fabrics
The truth is that I'm considering this as part of my lenten penance.  Anyway, Jan-Maree and her precious fabrics inspired me.  She should get the credit.  

Besides, visit her Aussie Hero Quilts and you'll agree that what I do is very little compared to the dynamo that is Jan-Maree.  Please go pay her a visit and see all the good work she does.  Tell her Mary said hello!
Happy Quilting,

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