Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break!

and thank goodness, because I was getting tired.  We've been busy with state testing, and field testing, which is pretty serious.  Add to that the fact that I'm also getting ready for a principals' pow wow in the library.  It's to be held there for the purpose of showing off the work we've done this year, so I feel compelled to make the place shine!  But for now, some time off, yay!  

I started my day late (I did need the rest) but then got right to the 28 pints of strawberry preserves that were waiting for my attention.  I told you in an earlier post that the strawberries are driving us crazy.  Well, they continue to produce, more in fact.  Cooking and stirring, washing jars, filling and sealing all take about two hours. See the boxes in the background?  Yes, they are full.  I counted over 70 pints of strawberry preserves....all from our garden!

That done, the puppies and I took a walk in the yard.  Mostly I chased Candy.  She loves to run away from the cat and from me.  She goes farther and farther playing with the cat, and when I call or go after her, she runs even farther.  By the time I managed to get around her, we were at the lake.  

I was a bit put out, but on the way back, I noticed the catabla trees are in bloom.  That put me in a better mood!   I love the look of the flowers on the ground, like popcorn tossed out for the birds.  The flowers are snow white except for a touch of purple in their throats.  Imagine clusters of  white orchids, and you can envision them in the trees.

It helped to get over my aggravation by coming in and fixing a plate of very light pancakes, smothered in fresh strawberry sauce!

Then to the studio for an afternoon of play!  But my sewing endeavors will have to wait for another day......the grandkids have a movie started up and are vying for my attention.
Happy quilting,

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