Thursday, March 22, 2012

What a Week!

We spent  a part of last weekend at the Louisiana Nursery Festival in Forest Hill, which is less than an hour's drive.  The festival was fun, but the best part was coming home with these pretty little darlings.

I can't seem to resist the dark leaves.....the burgundies, greens, and purples are my favorite, so these bronze leaf begonias were the first to get loaded.  I decided to add the impatiens because their leaves are green and I really need something lighter in the back of the bed.  Impatiens get taller than begonias and they share the same needs (shade, watering, soil) so they are a great match.  Besides, check out how closely the flowers match.  Just what I needed.

We also spent part of our weekend cutting limbs in our many trees.  Some were a bit bigger than I should have tackled with the saw I had, but they fell anyway.  The yard is absolutely beautiful.  In fact, check out the pyracantha that grows along the drive....

And these bridal wreath flowers are almost finished but aren't they lovely?  Of course, this is only one branch.  Imagine a shrub filled with the little bunches of white puffs.

Another part of our weekend and week, when we weren't working, meant enjoying a few moments in the studio.  I'm almost finished with the NICU gowns (get the tut here) I've been working on for lent.  We are out of school during Holy Week, so I'll drop the gowns off at the hospital before Easter.  Yea!  
And finally, I don't know about you all, but I'm having a real blast on the Quilting Gallery blog hop party!  I decided to hop alphabetically (well, I am a librarian, after all) and am now in the P's.  I may even make it to the end of the list!  That would be great, since I'm finding all manner of great blogs.  I decided that it's not necessary for me to follow every blog.  Instead, I'm following the ones that are of real interest to me.  I couldn't possibly read every blog anyway.  I can barely get to each one in a week's time!  If you have been hopping and taking chances on the giveaways, you'd better get going......wait!  finish reading first!

Don't forget to leave a comment here for a chance to win my prize.   Okay, you are done.  Here's hoping you have fun!
Happy Quilting,


Connie said...

Your flowers and shrubs are beautiful! I can't wait until we can get plants! It is warm right now in Iowa but too soon for plants.

DiannaJessie said...

Hi Mary, Just thought I would drop you a little line to say that you are a winner:) Yes you are come over to my blog and see! I will email you soon to get your address to send off your bag. Congratulations! Dianna

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