Friday, February 22, 2013


Yay! A full day of work, followed by a full 8 hours of driving, well riding really, and I was one tired chickadee. But excited!

Of  course, I was a tired chickadee after arriving here, but now, well, now I'm just an exhausted chicken!  If ever there was, there is now nothing cute left in me. 

I literally walked a hole in my socks today.  Ahhh, but what a wonderful, happy day!

Austin is beautiful and Quiltcon is amazing.  There are so many quilts and to see your own hanging with so many well-known quilters is pretty amazing, as well.  For all of this to happen on my birthday makes it even more special for me. (And made it much easier to convince Richard that we absolutely needed to come!)

Here are a few of the 100's of pictures I've taken today.  I'm so very tired that I haven't corrected or cropped them, so my normally bad pics are worse than usual. Sorry.

But I promise that my 53 year old body has had enough.  I'll crop and clean up the next set. 


Carla said...

Wow. What an amazing display. Enjoy your experience and look forward to seeing more

Linda in Calif. said...

Chickadee? I thought I was the only one that said that. Well, Chickadee I hope you are all rested up from your travels and sewing away.