Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: QuiltCon Continues

We returned to QuiltCon on Saturday morning picking up a few things that I had finally decided on.  Pictures in a day or two of my goodies. 

However, it's now Sunday and I'm thinking of my QuiltCon favorites and since it's also time for Sunday Quilt Inspiration, let's mix the two. 

Happy Quilting,


Linda in Calif. said...

Thanks for all the eye candy. I love the modern quilts, they are so relaxing. I'm looking forward to seeing how the colors will change over the next couple years. Will grey fade away as a background color? What other color will take it's place? And will people tire of white? I do love the white.

beaquilter said...

great eye candy- I think you posted on my blog that you wanted to be part of the blog hop but you were a no-reply blogger- good thing you had your blog listed.... can you email me so I have it on file!? thanks:)