Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pin It Wednesday

Modern Quilt RelishBack to Wednesday pinning! Finally!

And because I'm doing a modern theme this week, let's pin some modern quilts.  Yes, more, because you can't have too many moderns!
Crop Circles.  Made by Steph, quilted by That Crazy Quilty Girl, McLisa Starfish Sipes

And what pretty little quilts these darlings are.  Such pretty colors and interesting designs.

Modern Peel quilt

Love these random shapes

modern quilt design

Modern Raindrops  pattern available at Lonni RossiFrom littlest thistle sew happy block"Egg Wash", 25 x 28", Dianne Vottery Dockery

So which is your favorite?  Can you even choose?  
I don't think I can, but then I have the most difficult time making decisions of this nature, which explains why I like moderns for a bit, switch to traditional, then to applique, then to whatever else might be out there. 

My poor husband is on his third can of paint for the dining room and it's been only a week!  His only complaint: how many shades of yellow do you think you like and why do we have to try every one on the walls?  
Happy Quilting,

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Linda in Calif. said...

Your right it is really hard to choose! Just when I thought I made up my mind another one waved to me and wanted to be it. Oh tell me about paint samples! After about 5 samples (rusty - orange) I went in a totally different color direction and liked the 1st green sample we tried - celery. Good luck!