Saturday, February 16, 2013

Parade Pictures

It occurred to me that although I'd taken photos at the Mardi Gras parade last Saturday, I still haven't posted them.  That might have something to do with my struggles to get them from my phone to the computer. 
I ended up saving the entire set of pics (one at a time) to, then downloading them to the computer, and now copying them to this post.  It's crazy, I know, but nothing else worked and trust me, I tried a few tricks.  There's bound to be an easier way.   
 The result, as you can see, is that I can't edit them, so my usually bad pictures are especially bad. The heads of random people we will never meet populate the front of the pictures.  I had to choose between getting better pictures or letting the grandkids get in front of me to catch beads, candy, and other fun stuff.  Of course, they won was hardly a competition!

I'll bet you're shocked!  Enjoy the rest of the parade....we certainly did!


This last picture is of Jolie's dance class.  More on that in an upcoming post.  Hope you enjoyed the parade. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you all really had fun. I love the colors and the music of Mardi Gras and hope to get back to New Orleans for some Mardi Gras fun. We enjoy the St. Patrick's Day Parade but it's not quite the same.