Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

Red lanterns

PulleyHere's hoping you're enjoying the Super Bowl.  It just happens to be on right now and half of the family is here to watch the game.  The other half was still here this morning, but they all headed to their own homes after lunch.  The game ends too late for those with little tykes to hang with us till the end and still get to respective Monday morning musts.  That's only one of the problems of a late night Sunday.
LOVE these lanterns
Since it's Sunday, it's time for a little inspiration for the week ahead.  We had a beautiful weekend.  The boys all showed up quite by accident, since nothing was planned. 

Candle centerpieceWe especially enjoy those laid-back visits and extended the time outside by making a fire in our patio pit.  Everyone was already sitting around visiting, laughing and telling stories.  Let's start with a little of that fire pit feeling, in the form of candle light.
Love these!
candle sticksDon't you love these mix and match sets?  They are so easy and casual and look great.  I appreciate old things more and find that casual and comfortable is much more my style.

Indiana Puzzle Amish StyleAnd since we're appreciating old things, how about appreciating quilts that have been around for as long as the Amish have?  I've found that there are quite a few pictures of Amish quilts on Pinterest.  Here are a few from my board:
Amish quilt
Classic Amish Five Bar by Diane LoomisAmish quilt
Amish quilt
Amish quilt.
quilting up close
.House Since it's the night of old things (for me anyway), let's take a look at a few abandoned buildings from around the world.  

Some of these were absolutely stunning in their glory, but today nature, time and decay have done untold damage.  It's easy to imagine how beautiful these building must have been and sad to think that we've simply deserted them.  Abandoned-Buildings-19Come by to see the 85 or so other pictures on my forsaken, heritage board.
Have a wonderful, creative week,

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jenclair said...

I'm a great fan of lanterns and primitive-inspired lighting! It breaks my heart to see wonderful houses deteriorate, but they fascinate me.