Monday, March 31, 2014

Chickie, chickie!

I walked into the studio last weekend and discovered this wooden box near the front door.  Hmm, what could that be?

The peeping sound gave a hint, but I didn't expect to see these pretties.  It turns out that they are bantam chickens, which are small chickens that are generally very hardy.  Richard decided to add a few to our flock because they are good setters.  

Should we decide to put some eggs to setting, the bantams will gladly take over a nest and do the lazy work.  They are quite docile unless the biddies are threatened.  Yes, I'm afraid of mother hens, so I probably won't mess with these any time soon.

After Richard bought the bantams, Marley decided that she had to have some chickens, so Adam bought six.  Buying chickens means buying a flock so that they have a better chance of surviving.  He bought three whites and three reds so Marley could tell them apart.  She hasn't named them, yet, but she did agree to put the biddies in the box with the bantams. Her mom was grateful for that!

See the egg in the lower right corner?  Her poppa told her that the biddies left two eggs in the brooder just for her.  At four, she believes every word that comes out of his mouth, and having her name on the egg makes the thought even more true.  The magic!

What fun we had over the weekend.  Some of the other grandkids came for supper Saturday night and the poor chicks were inundated with love. 

 I am very certain that the biddies were happy to see a couple of vehicles drive away.

At 15, Dusti's goal is to fill Snapchat with "selfies."  She must have taken 50 photos with one biddy after another.  A selfie is taking pictures of oneself with a front-facing smartphone to post on social networking websites, usually while making strange, contorted (often ugly) faces.  

I got a shot of Dusti taking a selfie, and when I mentioned it, her mother noted that taking a picture of her almost must happen while she is taking a selfie.  Nh, uhn!  Not true!

Mostly we enjoyed having part of the crew over for a meal and some fun, even if the poor chickies are a little worse for wear. But, then again, feathers do grow back out.

Have a great week,

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