Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pin It Wednesday #57

Apologies all around for not posting "Pin It" last week.  I have not a clue what happened, except that I got the days mixed up by the zany weather.  We missed school on Tuesday because of the ice storm.  I guess in my head Wednesday was Monday.  Who knows what's in my head?  Yep, zany.   

Since zany's the word, let's have a bit of fun.  How about...

Do you LIKE my pigtails

full love,one family


Fun with felt pens

My grandchildren did this once when they were young, but the writing surfaces were the sleeping parents!  Yes, we had great fun with that zaniness.  While they go clean up, let's get a little more serious.  How about these beauties for fun?

Edwardian Tea Dress - c.1912.

~Ball gown 1908~

Have you ever wanted to dress up in one of these?  I mean, I could not get into any one of these and choosing ONE would be impossibly difficult but, oh, the fun.  I'd be thrilled to just see them in person.  Oh to touch, let me touch, please.  Please.

~1890s bustled gown~

Woman's Dress: Day Bodice, Evening Bodice, and Skirt Designed by Charles Frederick Worth

Evening dress, 1907-10 From the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

Evening dress 1908–10

This next pin is not a quilt, but goodness, wouldn't it make a fantastic quilt?  I love the colors, the shapes, the almost randomness of everything about it.

paul klee

Ready for a few fantastic, fun quilts?  No commentary, just enjoy!

Tumbler Quilt


Color Dive Kit

Canton Village Quilt Works

Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild: Riley Blake Challenge Reveal


Have a great week!  Happy pinning,

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