Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Issues and Problems and Struggles

when little bad things start happening, they seem to rain down on a person, don't they?  We have some little challenges.  Lots of little challenges.  Nothing earth-shattering, mind you.  But time consuming and frustrating, never-the-less.  Of course, that weekend is over now, and I'm already in Tuesday.  

We spent most of our weekend in New Orleans at a leadership conference for some of my students.  I fell in love with the carpeting and snapped a picture.  

I see some beautiful designs here and in the coordinating wall art.  

The yard is beginning to green up, our ornamental pear trees are already finished blooming, and the bridal wreaths are taking their turn.  Soon we'll be enjoying the colors of the azaleas and the scent of wisteria.  It's amazing how long our springs last.  I hope you are enjoying your weather, also.  If you're still fighting snow and ice, hang in there for a little longer.  The warming sun will soon appear on your horizon, and when that happens, we'll be sweltering here in the deep South.  
Have a great week,

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