Thursday, October 8, 2015

flowers and festivals and fun, oh family!

The last few days have been mostly family oriented.  Today Richard picked up a few flowers for me, and planted them in the pots near the driveway and on the patio.  They are pretty and happy and will serve really welcome people as they drive in or sit on the patio.  Now that it's a bit cooler, we may just enjoy that patio.

This plastic bin--which is beginning to fall apart--was at my parents' old place.  We picked it up thinking that it was in better shape and I could use it as it was meant to be used...a potters' wagon with space for tools.

This little one, who looks so sweet and darling, comes on a regular basis since she lives right next door.  She's a snacker, this one.

Then, of course, there are a few more.  The big ones spent the afternoon with us last Sunday.  They came, they ate, they fished, they hunted, they ate.  About five hours later they were gone again and I missed them immediately.

Wait, there are more.  The German Fest sandpit (in Robert, LA) is a great place to play with a cousin or two.  You can plop down and build a sandcastle and chat, until someone breaks up the party for pictures, that is.

A couple of opportunities for photo-shoots:  Sophie at German Fest putting her shoes on, again, for the third or fourth time.  Marley at our house taking cheerleader pictures for her birthday party invitations.  I think she has the pose just about right, don't you?

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