Monday, October 12, 2015

Modern Feathers: Yellow Bag

Back in September I began a new work, which I thought might become a quilt using feathers.  I found the Anna Maria Horner tutorial and played for a while, but you know I had to do my own thing!  I began playing differently and eventually figured out a few things of my own.  I wrote about how I went from the Horner tutorial to my own feathers.  See that post here.

Anna Maria Horner tutorial feathers
All's great when you're having fun, but when you get stuck...

Mary Marcotte applique feathers
And did I get stuck!  The first block looked great, but it  did not play well with the second block.  The yellow background is the same in both blocks, so obviously my colors are off in the pictures, but my real problem is that the feathers are so different I just didn't feel that they could work in the same quilt.  

I did what I generally do when I get stuck--set the blocks aside. My brain needs lots of time to process problems.  In the end the feathers sat on the edge of the work table for almost a month.  

I finally decided that I had to do something with the two blocks and chose to make a quilted book tote.  It's large enough to hold several books.  Plus, the long, durable straps can hold whatever weight I might put in and are a perfect match for the yellow fabric.  

I took these pics yesterday afternoon and used the bag today: quite happy to report that it works as well as I had hoped.  
Love yellow? Make a feather bag.

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