Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

Fast, Flirty, and Fun by Sarah Bisel
This is one of those Sunday Quilt Inspiration posts that is a bit misleading.  

Sorry for that.  I've been reading.  Just reading.  Meaning not doing anything else.  I'm one of those readers who gets into a book, can't put it down, and reads straight through her life.  It's sad, really. 

It's sad to say that for the entire weekend, I have nothing to show for my "work" except one book. Read in its entirely, but still, it is only one book. Well, at least it's completely read.

Star Spangled: And it was a riveting read.  I would not put it down--despite the many interruptions.   Regardless, tonight's Sunday Quilt Inspiration is just quilts.  That's all. 

Just a bunch of quilts that I hope I have not posted before.  After this many quilts, and checking out all weekend, who know?

Sort of a quilt inspiration without the inspiration.  


Barn Quilt:

1887+album from Barbara Brackman blog:

Gettysburg Quilt

Scrappy reproduction:

Disappearing Hour Glass:

Would be a great quilt for grandma or mom.:

from beautiful vintage quilt 382572_10201311458211825_672665737_n:

Kaffe Fassett:

Joanna Figueroa, Fig Tree Quilts. Love this.:

One of my favorite patterns I have made from scrap stash using 5" squares. Would look great in civil war fabrics and shirtings:

Minty Churn Dash blocks "Dance" in this modern quilt by Leanne of She Can Quilt.:

Augusta Auctions:

Wonky Cross Quilt by kerry {bellalunaphotography}, via Flickr:


Ivan and Lucy: Chain Link Quilt Finished!!:

Blue and white vintage.:

PatchworknPlay: Somethings gotta give!  love the colors - what shade is that green?:

Workshop quilt -- by the teacher:

Beach Ball Baby Quilt « Moda Bake Shop:

Quilting - Quite Contrary:

Thistle quilt designed by Elizabeth Hartman. Features Essex and Essex Yarn Dyed.:

"Sticks & Stones" scrap quilt.:

These 20 or so quilts all appear on my "heart, quilts" board.  Hope you enjoyed the variety!
Happy Quilting,

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