Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pin It Weekly #124

Ready to share your pins?  It's that part of the week!  I'm not sure that I'd say App It was a success, but it was fun and a few folks did add their ideas. Thanks to everyone who participated!  We'll do it again.
Rachel from Let's Begin Sewing
Rachel, at Let's Begin Sewing, posted some of the handwork she has been doing lately.  It reminds me quite a bit of Kaja's work over at Sew Slowly.  There's something about these beautiful stitches that speak to me.  I think it may be the idea that I could, indeed, do something like this.  
Kaja's denim work at Sew Slowly
What it has gotten me into doing is looking at lots of Sashiko on Pinterest.  I should probably start a board, but for some reason I've ended up following links and reading lots of articles on the types, history and how to's about Sashiko.
wabi sabi    Quilting with stitches and multiple layers of fabric without any wadding/batting.:
So, really, all I have to share are the some of the pins I found with a quick search.  But be warned: it's a bit addicting and you find yourself going down the rabbit-hole.  I came out about an hour and a half later, knowing all sorts of things about this type of quilting.  I feel a bit obligated to do something with all this knowledge!

Sashiko; Japanese hand stitching:

junko oki:

Lovely thoughtful ruminative blog on the peacefulness of simple stitching.:

Sashiko, puntada corriente, puntada corriente:

kate-pickard-not-everything-is-black-and-white-lgI love Victoria Gertenbach's big quilting stitches! Like she says... A Stitch a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Jenny K Lyon - Poppies 55"x31":

Sashiko Quilting may have to learn to do this one day....stunning!:

Sashiko 1-11 - I like that this one looks like arrowheads.  Cute for a border.:

A Quilt For The Bun | Young House Love / hand-stitched, stripey quilt

Love this - thinking patching and hand stitching as a feature for altered clothing ...Extreme Mending (Uber Boro):

love her body of work.  knew it was her immediately: Japanese Country Quilting: Sashiko Patterns and:

Sri | A Wonderfully Sashiko Stitched Coverlet: Piece Constructed

Wide range of designs that use only the running stitch:

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